Friday, November 2, 2012

Magical transformation and treasures found!

Hard to believe that it takes about 2 months to get everything in place, but less than a day to make it disappear  Almost like some bazaar magical spell gone wrong!

From this......
To this!

From this........
To this!

From this.......
To this.... all in the blink of an eye!

The only evidence there was even Halloween here at all is the vaguely coffin shaped dead spot in the front yard and a pile of ice from the fog cooler.

I did find a few treasures during cleanup. Some dropped candy and a Halloween pencil from some poor child's bag. No doubt dropped in haste as they tried to retreat from the horrors this yard held. There was also a scrap of costume left behind from some poor fleeing child. My most prized find was this glittery adult shoe... wonder why Cinderella left in such hurry as to forget her shoe?

 While the outside of our home looks tidy and "normal", the inside looks like Hurricane Sandy hit a Halloween clearance warehouse. Back to packing away treasures for next year. Chin up all... Halloween is only 363 days away!


  1. I know! I was so hasty in getting my haunt set up, that my living room was an uninhabitable mess on Halloween night. Plus I had guests just in town that day, with no place to sit because all the chairs were occupied by monsters in the carport.

    And I packed it all up and put it away yesterday. Took about as long to set up as it did to sort away.

    Lit my jacks one last time, and relaxed with a feeling of accomplishment.

  2. I know...extreme downer days right after Halloween...that cinderella shoe left behind is really quite mysterious!

  3. LOL @ the shoe!!! Great post and wonderful pictures! :)

  4. I can relate, outside looks great but I have a bunch of packing and storage to do. The shoe requires... A story... Perhaps a monument or tombstone in next years cemetery... That is strange though, how could you not recover a shoe? TOT'er walked home with one shoe?

  5. Impressive! It takes me nearly a week to get it all packed away (of course, that involves frequent breaks for tea and leftover candy ;O) Love the "leftovers" that you found. The TOT's who are afraid to cross to our side of the street are always my favourites of the night! ;O)


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