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Black Friday's Haunters Wish List 2013

It's Black Friday. While countless hordes are clawing at racks of 5 dollar shirts, 1 dollar DVD's and a mind numbing amount of cheap toys, I am taking a trip down memory lane. Looking back at my 2012 Haunter's Wish List that I compiled late November 2011, does put me in a kind of black mood. Simply because life conspired against me this year. Just not enough time to do the things I planned. I even got a late start to the season due to work....but I am thankful for a great job all the same.

Here is the list of last year as it stacks up to did and didn't:

XChicken Wire and Cheese Cloth Ghosts: Did't happen. This should have been pretty easy to do too.

X: Cemetery Fencing: I procrastinated about this for awhile. Could not decide if I wanted to go old school wood fence made from pallets or go all out with PVC collapsible or even straight out fencing. Price, and time beat me this year. Still "on the fence" about which one I should choose.

üJumping Spider Prop From Spirit: I count this as a win. While I never actually bought this prop, the MASS displays in the store told me everybody else did... I went with the less known and more suitable jumping zombie prop:


XMore Tombstones: Only bought one from Target. Did not get a chance to make any new ones and as a result , we were unable to expand the cemetery as M had planned.

XPVC Candles: Not a single one was made. I did add about 9 store bough LED candles, but they are not the same.
XBreathing Grave: I did get all the items I would need to build not only 1 but 2 breathing graves.....this one looks good for being completed for next year.
XAnother Ground Breaker Coffin: Nope...

XBuilding a chicken wire witch prop with a stirring cauldron and fake flame: Yeah right!
XFull size Mummy prop: Stupid easy to build...stupid time ran out.
XFlying Crank Ghost (I always say I am going to build one but never find the time): This year was no different.
XNew Fog Delivery system (not a new chiller but a PVC pipe delivery system): Did not happen....with the weather as it was, it would have been a waste this year to boot.
XAnimated escaping skeleton coffin: Came close... just not the animated part.
XFaceless Bride prop: M's project....she got a full time teaching position....guess time ;(
üBetter Mourning Skeleton Prop.This one was a success. Simple, effective, and everybody that walked by it commented on how creepy it was. Winner!

üLots of Bucky arms!: Thanks to The Skeleton Store, this item totally happened.
üAnimated escaping skele from our water main cover: This one was completed 90% so I count it as a win. I could not add the fog machine or animate it due to the water main being flooded from the Frankenstorm.

XLED eyes for all the skeles: I partially blame this on a last minute order being canceled on me.
üAt least 3 more Wallgreen skeles. Undead Army in progress.
üBlue Led Spotlights (I already have a ton of green): Added blue and UV. Double Winner!
üFew more heavy duty extension cords. Wallgreens had an insane sale on outdoor cords....bought a boatload.
üCouple more portable CD players for more targeted sound ambiance . Total success. Mourning Skele was a complete hit due to the moaning ghost cd I made.

I admit there are a couple of wins there. Still, if this was a report card, I would be grounded. 

Without further delay, here is The Wicked Woods Cemetery 2013 Wish list! (unless the Mayans are right then all bets are off).

  • Fencing! This is a have to project! Been trying to come up with cheap and easy ideas as well as something that is easy to store. There will be a fence around the cemetery next year by gosh!
  • Building an addition to my workshop. M and I have been discussing this for a bit. Our current outdoor building is roughly 70% Halloween storage, 20% Christmas storage, and 10% tools, summer, and misc. That leaves a big fat 0% for projects. We are planning on building onto the back of our one shed in hopes of doubling our sqaure footage of storage. We can move all of our gardening, lawn care, and some other items over making Halloween a better place!

  • Upgrade the Micheal Myers mask and bulk out our mini Jason Voorhees. Our Micheal Myers mask sucks so bad...even after M "did" his hair with glue.

  • Mourning Skeleton part two (2). My accidental prop has really grown over the last two years and I want to expand on it. So many comments and questions about it this year tells me I am onto something. Adding a soundtrack this year was a definite plus. Not sure if animation is the direction I should go as many people like the frozen in time look of the skeleton. I'm thinking of adding another skeleton, in a different pose of remorse and sorrow. It may detract from the overall image and emotion conveyed... so not sure. I will be working pretty extensively to make that my signature prop of 2013.

  •  Scarecrows...I am thinking of upgrading and even adding to my current collection of scarecrows.... I was even thinking of doing a scarecrow costume for myself next year. Still, I have a whole year to ponder and the way my mind works, I will most likely come up with several different costumes and themes by then. 

  • Creep up the front porch a bit more. It's always kinda creepy with the group of creatures standing there.... people are so sure they are all costumed people they hate turning their back on them to get candy. I am thinking maybe some generous applications of creepy cloth, spider webs, and other freaky furnishing can top off the look I am after.

  • Treeghosts... lots of them. Very similar to the ones Rot did this year (link HERE).
Photo via
  • A very large hanging sign that will require a 4X4 post to hold it in the ground. Somthing older looking and primitive. Something like this but not in green:

  • AN FCG. Always wanted one...just need to stop talking and start doing. 

  • More tombstones, hopefully hand made.
  • PVC Candles
  • Breathing grave
  • Second ground-breaker coffin and maybe a third toe pincher
  • Old shelving or corner hutch for Awful Apothecary
  • 3 more Wallgreens skeles.
  • A few more blue,green and UV LED spotlights.
  • Remote control for old Fog machine.
  • Activation pads for animitronics 
  • Some kind of witch....I have qa great witch bust just need to give her a body..and a pot!
  • Use more dry ice now that our local FoodCity sells it for 99 cents a pound. 
  • Witch jars! Lots and lots of witch jars!

That is about it for now....I know full well not a third of these things will come to light, but a guy can long as the dreams are in orange and black ;) 

Happy Black Friday everybody! Stay safe and hope you find great deals on stuff for next Halloween! 

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