Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Zombie reviews local cemetery.

We have a rather large and very old cemetery in the center of our town called Glencoe Cemetery. It's in a beautiful place with rolling hillside and nature all around. My Great Grandfather was the caretaker of this cemetery up until the point he was found murdered in the tool shed by the Mausoleum many years ago. I was using Google Maps to double check some of my links on my haunted places page to verify I had the correct directions for Glencoe Cemetery. Imagine my surprise when I saw somebody had written a review under the location marker.

Of course I thought it was rather strange for somebody to review a cemetery so I clicked it right away. I was expecting somebody to commend the beauty of the cemetery, or the peaceful area it is in, even to pay respects for a beautiful service of a loved one. Instead, I found what appears to be a well written account of a local zombie that inhabits the area.

Greg Man, I am not sure who you are or where you live or even if you are alive, but I salute you! Feel free to check it out for yourself. Makes me wonder if there are other Zombie ratings of cemeteries around. Here are a few stock photos of the cemetery so you can see why the Zombie rated it 3 out of 3.


  1. That's hilarious! I'm thinking that particular zombiie, Mr. man, might also be the same one that inhabits Wicked Woods Cemetery? Really digging the archway and fountain and the cemetery, very beautiful.

  2. Not a bad looking cemetery, bet it's beautiful in the fall.

  3. Subtle humor, Mr. Man. That is awesome! And I love that photo of the tombstones surrounded by the rolling hills.


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