Monday, August 27, 2012

The Creepy Thing Revealed!

I had more responses than anticipated when I posted this picture last week :

No sooner had it posted when started getting texts, emails, and comments from all over trying to guess what this thing was. You would think I was giving something away with all the fuss. Alas, there is no prize for those that guessed correctly, but I am going to be having a huge giveaway very, very soon! Until then, let's see some of the best guesses:

  1. Leatherface's last mask
  2. A melted car
  3. a new prop
  4. the ectoplasmic residue of a ghost as it flew through a wall
  5. my cats administering a Rorschach test
  6. a fruit roll up
  7. a fruit roll up from hell
  8. a fruit roll up half eaten by Jason Voorhees
  9. The fruit roll up of the damned
  10. fruit roll up's new flavor for Halloween, "possessed" 
  11. a skinned face
  12. The devil's hefty bag
  13. Coach purse of the evil dead
  14. Roseanne Barr death mask rellief (even though she is not dead....hmmm)
  15. The ghost of Al Jolsen (quite the trivia nut you are!)
  16. Page 1 of the Necronomicon
  17. My latest tattoo 
  18. Diana Nyad's jelly fish mask (At this point I realize I have some very intellectual and darkly humerus readers.)
  19. Han Solo's face etching while frozen in carbonite.
  20. Grimace's (of McDonalds fame) face skin after he molts.
  21. a trash bag
  22. a facelift gone too far
  23. what Taco Bell meat looks like before it is ground up
  24. sad edible panties
Great guesses one and all, but only 2 of you got it right! It was M's new blueberry facial peel! 

Living with a Halloween Fanatic can make you a little crazy.
Leave it to M to find creepy things in her beauty regime!

Grats go out to my creepy mother and Countess VonRauber of 2nd Street Cemetery for guessing correctly!

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