Saturday, August 4, 2012

One man's junk is a yard haunter's treasure.

It's less than 3 months till the big day. Time to start rolling out ideas, projects, and props. I just happened to have lucked into a few good items recently for next to nothing! Behold my super cheap treasures I have collected!

One fully functional Shiatsu Massager. Not sure if I will use this to animate a ground breaker or a breathing grave. Found this in my mother's yard sale junk for free.

The two bottles were thrift store finds and I paid a dollar for them both. They will be filled with disgusting liquid and added to the apothecary. The lantern was another mom yard sale find. I will paint it black and add it to the ground breaking coffin and shovel scene from last year. 
I also plan on adding a grave robber to this so I am looking forward to how it all ties in

Gothic shelf perfect for a skull, candle, and raven (1 buck at a thrift store). Large candle holder for another skull or pumpkin and a tarnished, twisted candle holder which I will creep up a bit and put a nice black candle in (both for a buck at a yard sale). 

I won this on a bid from ebay for 9.99. 

I now have official Friday the 13th wear as well as a good convo shirt for Superbowl!

Found this bargain at a teachers supply outlet. They had 3 for 50 cents each.. I got em all. 

I was shocked to find Bath Salts at a yard sale, but for 50 cents, how can you go wrong. I plan on dressing as a zombie, then taking the bath salts and eating my neighbors faces off. Not really.... The bottle was just cool looking and M said it needed to go into the apothecary (after disposing of the zombie drug inside). 

M found this at Dollar Tree for a buck. It's large and a great door knocker cover. In a pinch, you could also add this to a bathroom as a towel holder! Dollar Tree also has large pieces of creepy cloth, die cut bats, spider, and ravens like Martha Stewart, and black roses. I am going to send M back to make some creepy arrangements soon.

M found black duct tape for half off marked price at Rue21. 99 cent duct tape at a teeny bopper clothing store? Don't ask, just take it! 

M got this for me a while back. A glow in the dark pointer. It will come in handy for Halloween party games. 

This is the crown jewel of my bargain haunting finds. This is one of those light boxes they put in basements or center offices to give the illusion of a window. It has two large curved florescent lights (as you can see through the plexi) to give the illusion of a window to the outside. When I saw it, it screamed X-RAY BOX and will be perfect to display my collection of x rays.
The only problem is, it is designed to be hard wired as a wall fixture. I will be able to rewire it with an old toaster's cord, pull the window slats out of the front and paint the box black for a perfectly wicked x ray box to go along with my apothecary/bar area for the Halloween party. The lights alone would run me close to 30 bucks, not to mention the light housing and hardware, plexi-glass, and wood frame. This is an easy 50 dollar or more project found at a yard sale for a mere 2 bucks!
Maybe adding a small plaque which reads, "Exploring the brain of a serial killer"  


  1. Yard sales/estate sales are some of the best places to find vintage bottles! I had a lot of luck with that last year. I'm sure that Pinterest will help in inspiring you. I've found plenty of inspiration for working with jars/candle holders/lamps etc. on Pinterest! I look forward to seeing how you use these items.

  2. I am DYING here over all the great things you got! Eeeeeeeeeeeeek!

    Lucky Duck!!!

  3. You lucky dog!!:) What fantastic finds, I can see the light emitting from your happy Halloween grin way up here in Canada:)
    Please let us know what you do with the Shiatsu. I have one at the back of the closet that I'd planned on turning into a prop but hadn't come up with anything.
    I love that Gothic shelf!!

  4. I cannot stop thinking of that line from Young Frankenstein ... When Gene Wilder "Dr Frankensteen" goes "What huge knockers!"....I gotta drop by dollar tree


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