Friday, July 20, 2012

Halloween is in the air..... and stores too!

 M and I had to drive down to Knoxville TN yesterday to finalize a new job I will be starting next month. Having M with me meant we had to stop and shop. While we both mainly purchased suits and outfits for work, we did find a good deal of Halloween merchandise out in stores. This is the first time in MANY years that Halloween is beating back to school items for shelf space. I hope that is a sign of things to come.

Lowes :

Looks like same things they have been putting out for years, but there are always a few things I could use. Thanks to a loyal reader in Wise VA for this picture.


I have big hopes for their selection this year. Even though they only had one end cap of items, they were clearing out 4 isles of shelves for more Halloween goodness! Thanks to Pensive Pumpkin for the heads up on this one!

Burlington Coat Factory: 

Usually have a few good items for parties. 

We did make a few purchases that were "Halloweeny", but we will not go full tilt buying spree until September (and get a few more paydays under our belt).

This cup was for sale last year at Ross. For whatever reason, I talked myself out of buying this epic coffee cup last year. Since that fateful day, I have searched for a similar cup, but with no success.  I lucked up and found it at the same Ross yesterday. Can't wait to fill it with some Halloween themed go go juice.

Found this little 4 pack of shot glasses at Spencer's. They will be fun to hand out at the party.

Found this very helpful tshirt at Walmart. This way I can understand what the zombies are feeling as they try to kill me.

I wish this was a purchase. We went to the local museum in my hometown and saw this super creepy baby carriage. M and I have talked about creating a prop like this for the haunt and this will be a great springboard for the rough draft (if we have time to make it). By the way, the museum this is housed in is supposedly VERY Haunted. 

Seeing how it well over 100 years old, took 7 years to complete, has ever piece of stone and woodwork hand carved, and was subject to many accidents and fatalities.....I could see it being a haunted haven. 

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  1. Yes - I need some inspirstions - can't wait to get shopping


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