Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th! Time for a Visit with Voorhees!

Just wanted to wish all a safe and happy Friday the 13th from the Wicked Woods. Time for a visit with the lighter side of evil on the day that was made for him....JASON VOORHEES!

99 problems but a witch aint one!

Jason the music critic.

Double Trouble!

Slay responsibly!

Dr Jason Voorhees HOUSE doctor! 

Gotta pay the rent.

Who's first?

Lawn 1 Jason 0

Wildcat Voorhees! Go blue!

Slay Anything!

Forbidden love!

Still winning!

What Friday the 13th would not be complete without my favorite video of Miranda vs Jason!


  1. Jason in a "free hugs" t-shirt = AWESOME.
    I want a hug...

  2. Cool post. I like the many faces of Jason the best, but Voorhees a Jolly Good Fella is a riot too.

    1. I had to post that. I am so going to steel that line in the future.


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