Sunday, October 24, 2021

Sunday Fun Day {Countdown to Halloween Day 24}

 Covid has certainly impacted our Halloween volume but not our output. We have delayed the Yard Haunt and HUGE Halloween party but still have little Sinister Soirees and do what we can for community involvement. We had a "Thank You" party for one of the founding members of the local Haunted Forest Ghoul Crews last night and we also had Hocus Pocus on a giant inflatable screen out of Visitor Center in town. These are the pictures from both. 

Still making Halloween fun until we can go 110% off the chain next year. Like a sleeping giant...gathering strength. Enjoy these photos of the calm before the storm of 2022....

As a is the new mousepad my wife got me for Halloween....honestly it is the best one yet for my wrist! Thanks Elvira!


  1. "sinister soirees" I like that! Dang Covid is a pain in the royal pumpkin!
    Your Crypt Keeper, Michelle

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! The party...not the mousepad :D

    Thanks for being part of the Countdown this year!

    Your Countdown co-host, Dex

  3. You look like you did a lot of decorating for your goodbye gathering. The first picture is very atmospheric and moody.


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