Friday, October 29, 2021

Freaky Friday Ghost Photography {Countdown to Halloween Day 29}

 Ghost photography isn't what you think it is. I am not taking photos of ghosts (I wish), it's creating photos that look like the subject is a ghost with a little creative manipulation. You just need a good camera with a manual setting (so you can leave the shutter open), a tri-pod,  and a cool background and subject. I usually go for a 20 second exposure where the subject remains very still for 5 to 7 seconds and then runs out of frame, leavening a translucent, ghostly figure behind. Here are a few I have done of the years.


  1. Well very clever and old school. I usually just use photo shop, choose the subject with the lasso tool and then make them translucent. How is it the subject running from the frame is not caught on camera??

    1. That's why you leave the shutter open so long it tends to not capture it due to only a second or two of capture.


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