Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Wicked Woods Cemetery invades local Elementary School

I had been asked by one of our good friends to help put in a "Haunted House" at the elementary school's Fall Festival November 5th. Of course I could not say no to a friend so I made plans to do this in a terribly tiny window of time. When we broke down our yard haunt, I set aside several of our better props for transport. It delayed us putting everything up, but it was worth it. It tooks me and M about 2 hours to load everything we needed to take with us Friday night. We drove about 15 miles down the road  on a 4 lane highway with a truck load of coffins and skeletons, but we made it safe and sound. We started actually putting things out at 8:30 that night and we ended up working until 1:30 in the morning. I headed back at 1pm Saturday morning which gave me a solid 4 hours to do last minute adjustments.

Luckily the black plastic had been hung up 75% by the time we got there. All in all we worked 8 hours setting it up and we supplied all the props, decorations and costumes. It was officially on from 5pm till 8pm. We were working with a 50 foot hall which we broke down into 4 rooms.  A witch's shack was room one, manned by my lovely wife, a cornfield, a haunted funeral parlor, and a cemetery to lead them out. Unfortunately nobody got a picture of me in my grim reaper duds but I was the last guy to "run them out" and they were falling over each other trying to get out! We had a lot of crying kids...even had a few screaming adults! There were several repeat customers as well. It was a lot of fun and we broke everything down in under 2 hours and got it back to put it all up!

The skeleton hiding in the leaves of the grave yard!

The Grave Yard

Our chained werewolf running loose in the corn field!

Our ghost lurking in the haunted funeral parlor 

M manning the witch room!

The corn field



  1. Very good !!! and looks like you had Fun,good Sir wicKED... and that was kind of you to do so for the kids... have a great week...


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