Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween Night in The Wicked Woods

We had a record breaking number of kids. Unfortunately M was late getting home to do our makeups and I went sideways on keeping a totally accurate headcount because the kids started coming at 4:30 and they did not stop until almost 9:30.

 Thankfully my mother came right over to help hand out candy. We had three 5 gallon tubs of random mixed candy and toys made up and enough spare candy to fill the tubs a total of 10 times!  I told my mom to give each kid a handful. Mom is pretty consistent too so I feel they all got about the same. When I started conting early, I got to 151 when mom called for another tub. That threw me off while I ran and got it but I was around the 300 count mark when she asked for the next and so on and so forth. By my estimate, each tub services 150 kids. We were down to bottom of tub 10 at 9:15 when the last TOT showed up. Looks like 1500 kids to me!

Besides mom, I had some help in the haunting department as well. My Goddaughter wanted to go as a broken doll and see if she could scare kids... and boy did she ever. She was about the same size as most of the other props and people kept wanting to touch her to see if she was real...and then she would get them! She was awesome! 

Of course the Lady of the Manor was out chasing children, eating brains, and sending live feeds to Twitter and Facebook all night. She did great!

M had worked all day and was pretty "dead" by the end of the night.

She was hungry too so she got herself a snack.

I grabbed a snack as well! (Gizmo)

Nom nom nom

I also had a little desert! (Lily)

M caught one of the minions of Meade Manor (Eduth) being part of the Deathday party.
A passerby sent us this picture of the elusive Sam becoming part of the Killer Kitchen Scene.

 This morning I got up at 7:45am and started breaking down the outside decorations. By 7pm the only signs of Halloween were several coffin and corpse shaped dead spots in the grass, a huge pile of ice on the curb from the Fog Chillers, and the yard, road, and sidewalks littered with spilled candy!

It was kind of sad this evening when the sun went down and we did not have the usual blue green lights shining through the windows... oh well..I do have some good news though!


  1. Looks like you guys had an awesome night!! It's always sad to see the house go from Halloween extraordinairy to ordinary :(

  2. That looks extraordinary! What a fun time. Well done you guys, always enjoy checking in on the Manor.

  3. Mom to the rescue! 'Twas ever thus! I enjoyed the video, and did you know that you and your wife have the most charming accents? Catching the kitties in the windows made me laugh! What a wonderful thing you do for the community as well. Thanks Ked!

    1. Really appreciate it...we are just good country zombie folk. Lol

  4. looks fabulous (as always) and so cool--the candy, the makeup...everything! well done!


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