Friday, November 4, 2016

Halloween Challenge or Extra Innings of Halloween!

You know those challenge shows all over tv that give the contestants 8 hours to complete what seems to be an impossible task? The task could be anything from baking a theme cake, forging a weapon, building a car or doing a home makeover. I feel like I am going to be doing just that.

A very close friend of mine asked if I would consider putting on a Haunted Attraction this Saturday at the local school’s fall festival. They would be giving me a 50 foot hallway hung with black plastic and divided up into roughly five, 10’ foot rooms. I would have 8 hours to put in props, animatronics, lighting, sound systems , costumes masks and makeup for actors, and come up with a decent story line in less than 8 hours… challenge accepted…although I do not know to what extent of success I will hit.

I have some great people helping. My friend Coach Toney lent me his new truck to haul most of Wicked Woods Cemetery back and forth to the school (15 minute drive down the 4 lane highway from our house). I have M with her ideas and costume/makeup skills. Plus I have several people from the school that will volunteer to scare kids as they go through.

Will it be good? Maybe…

Will it be scary? Most likely…

Will it be exhausting? Absolutely!

Will it be fun? Always! It’s like extra innings for Halloween for me!


  1. Good for you , Sir wicKED... !!!
    Sounds fun... Great to see your Holiday spirit still going !!

  2. wow...good luck and looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


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