Friday, December 27, 2013

wicKED Christmas gift round up!

If you are a true Halloween Head, then you are often blessed with a Christmas Gift that only the Halloween lover could appreciate. Here is the list of my Gruesome Gifts that friend and family knew I would love!

M bought me this skeletal TP holder.... Now I can fight death every time I go potty!

This was a special request from me. M bought it without questions. I wanted it mostly to harass the cats, but this will work for some Halloween Happiness as well.

M found some Moroccan Lanterns that will look plenty creepy at the new house come Halloween!

My best friends got me this Collegiate Lawn Zombie! Can't wait to use him year round!

Santa Skull Socks....need I say more? 

M got me a cool sign for the front door....she knows me so well! 

So what all did you get that would fit into the Creepy Christmas Category? 


  1. What great creepmas gifts!

    I think my collection of creepy books, gifts from my daughter and my friend would also be perfect for Halloween :)

  2. That TP holder has got to be the winner! lol

  3. I got the TP holder last year from my son! It's fabulous and everyone comments on it and the gasmask on the back of the commode.
    This year my DIL gave me a box of doll heads, legs, and arms!! I am so excited about those!!

  4. We got a Dia De Los Muertos skull with glowing green eyes, and a black sand hourglass with draconic embellishments.


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