Monday, December 23, 2013

Festival of Trees brings us closer to Creepmas!

Happy Christmas Eve...EVE!

I had been promising M for years to take her to the Festival of Trees sponsored by our town's museum. Since we live down the street from it now, we headed there this weekend. It was absolutely one of the best decisions we ever made. If there was any doubt about being in the Christmas spirit, the 80+ uniquely decorated trees remedied that in short order. They were all great and ranged from the local fire dept decorating a tree with a fire house as garland (complete with blue lights cascading out for water) to a tree covered in butterflies! There was one that brought my odd Halloween smile to my face... and here it is!

They were numbered because you could vote...guess which one I voted for?

They also had a pretty cool Star Wars Tree...the Vader head was kinda creepy.

Hope your Christmas is turning out wicKED!

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  1. We missed ours this year Ked but festival of trees is always a good time here too! Really diggin' that Star Wars tree!


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