Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Evil on the Shelf (Creepmas Day 3)

Elf I mean evil on the shelf....that thing is just unnaturally creepy. If you have one in your house... good luck making it to New Years!

I'm a CREEP for The 13 Days of CREEPMAS


  1. Haha this is 100 % awesome. So much to laugh at. I love it all.

  2. Enjoyable post I think this custom may have to do with "Black Peter" (minion of Krampus)
    They set this little elf up in the house to watch over the children and report back "naughty" ones ...

  3. LOLOL!!! That's so funny!!!! These little guys do have a certain creepy aspect to them!!! Especially for those of us that came up during the Chucky Era ;)


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