Sunday, December 16, 2012

Creepy Christmas Cookies

We recently celebrated a very old tradition at the Wicked Woods....COOKIE NIGHT. My family has gotten together right before Christmas for as long as I can recall and made huge batches of cookies and fudge for friends and family. We had a few creepy cookies such as a ginger poop and a few anatomically correct cookies (if you catch my meaning).

Looks like one of the gingerbread men had a accident.
Here are a few more creepy confections.

Mmmm wool flavored cookies.

Holiday confused Christmas tree cookies.
Who doesn't like brain chip cookies?


Who doesn't enjoy eating little snowmen who are in pain and anguish over meeting an untimely demise in an oven? I hear their tears taste like peppermint.. mmmmm!

At first I thought these were turds on a stick... then I saw they were rats...with sticks stuffed in there butts.

Nothing says the Holidays like Santa cookies.... especially when somebody has surgically removed his head and limbs... Mmmmmm decapitation is a wonderful flavor. 

This was either an attempt to male Christmas wreaths or somebody stumbled upon Oscar the Grouch's litter pan. 

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