Sunday, October 25, 2020

The Haunted Drive In {Countdown to Halloween Day 25}


With Covid trashing almost all our Halloween plans this year, we were grateful to find a Social Distanced and safe way to celebrate. The local Drive In invited The Haunted Forest Ghoul Crew to haunt the drive in while scary movies were Playing. We all jumped at the chance and it was great! Not only safe (people in cars) but fun! All proceeds went to the MECC Student Emergency Assistance Fund so it was for a great cause as well!

The official mascot for The Haunted Forest. Seven foot tall Werewolf!

Come on, it is for a good cause!

Pro Tip : Turn your volume up really loud at the Drive In so the sound of your neighbors being dismembered will not drown out the moive!

The Ring Master was looking for some new acts!

The Old Farmer is confused and wants all these people off his lawn!

Well that escalated quickly!

DO NOT let the undead nurse take your temp!

DO NOT PET! it bites!

Digging up friend or hiding evidence? 

The Swamp Witch wants to remind everybody to bring their sweet, tender, delicious children with them to the Drive In!

The Darkness was so glad that people left their sunroofs open!

The escaped Knoxville Tiger found Carole Baskins!

The Gatekeep out looking for a few new souls in the Drive In

Don't worry, he is just here to cut down some weeds....and just a few teenagers!

Jason REALLY liked the concessions! 

The Drive In during daylight. Beautiful place. Don't you hate it when werewolves photo bomb you?

Cindy and M were hard at work with makeup!

M was super safe with her mask on the whole time!

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