Saturday, November 11, 2017

Halloween Overtime

We are still in Halloween Mode here in The Wicked Woods. While we have our decorations packed up, we have not had a chance to put them away....because Halloween is not done with us. 

Last weekend we were fortunate enough to get a final showing of MECC The Haunted Forest as they got rained out on what would have been there Finale Night. We also dove headlong into a full moon super foggy, ancient grave ward in the woods adventure. 

It was kind of insane to be out in a dark, overgrown wood with a fog that literally crawled on the ground via mother nature. 

Then tonight we are hosting a "Haunted Hallway" at a local school. We set up our Hallway complete with oak leaf graveyard and cornfield in record time (from 7pm till 11P last night). I will take come pictures tonight for another post...

So yeah...we are into Halloween Overtime!


  1. Cool - I love that you get an extended Halloween season. Hopefully, you will lead the way in a national trend.

  2. Still lots of fun to be had, it sounds like!


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