Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween Night 2017 in the Wicked Woods

I can remember the days when I would brag when we got 100 kids. I can even remember the days when I was sop excited about 500 kids. People really do not believe us when we measure the number of kids in the thousands!

We got out first ToT at 3:40pm and our last at 10pm.  

The lines started at 4:40 and did not stop till after 9

We went through 3 totes full of loose candy! we estimate well over 2000 visited The Wicked Woods Cemetery that night.

My Wicked Mother handed candy to every one of them She is a real trooper who can drive a stick.

My Wicked Wife was exceptionally creepy this year. The kids were completely afraid of her.

Pretty sure we gave some of them nightmares that night.

Here are some of the shots of the yard haunt with full effects, fog, and Animatronics. 

To see more pictures click link *HERE*


  1. Meade Manor is THE Destination Spot on Halloween, that's for sure! Congrats on another triumph!

  2. TWO THOUSAND!?!? You absolutely killed it this year!! And that signature use of blue and green lighting looks soooo good on all of your props!! Way to go, Ked!!

  3. My God! That's a lot of trick-or-treaters!
    Looks awesome!
    Your costumes and make up look great!

  4. Love your 2017 haunt! Noticed the ghost floating above your second story porch between the tree and house. It's a great detail piece. Would like to know the details on it, e.g. was it up lighted from the porch, how was it suspended, etc.

    1. I have had that ghost for about 15 years. I have had to replace his wires twice and his robes 3 times. He is weighted so he always faces the wind and looks like he is flying. He is suspended by a small 7 foot galvanized steel pipe I place in a flag pole bracket and then piano wire from there. The pole is painted in a light absorbing matte spray paint called ABSO Black Void which really hides it well. There is a big led flood light on the ground that illuminates the entire upstairs but there is also a small canister spot light that makes him glow on the balcony when he is not flying.

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