Thursday, October 5, 2017

MECC Haunted Forest Sneak Peak into Madness! {Countdown to Halloween Day 5}


It has to be some sort of madness that comes over me this time of year.....A madness that urges me to seek out The Haunted Forest and visit whatever fresh evil has decided to manifest itself there. I also wanted to get a sneak peek into the dread haunt before opening night this Friday. 

It really did not help that it was a full moon when I entered the dusky dark woods. The creatures of the night were already out and about...including much larger things that howled in the moonlight. Still, I pressed on.

The trees of the forest always give off an unnatural glow, but this year it all seemed much brighter....more sinister....more.....maddening. 

This year you will have to pay the Caretaker to gain entrance into the otherworldly Haunted Forest of Mountain Empire. I was told his horse prefers fingers over apples so beware animal lovers. 

I felt very odd as the Caretaker waved me through without me coming to close to his horse drawn hearse....his mount made a strange snickering sound as I entered the forest as if it were laughing at me. 

Along the path I encountered a fortuneteller. Her sign claimed she KNOWS ALL....from the look on her face I believed she knew enough for me not to stop and talk.

I had heard rumours that the small band of clowns had packed up their little side show and left after last year. That is fine by me as I do not particularly like clown of any sort. Imagine my surprise and dread when I came upon this garishly glowing wall in front of a HUGE new big top tent!

The clowns had not packed up and left...they had rebuilt and multiplied in numbers. You could hear the sickly sweet organ music and the awful echoing sound of clown laughter coming from down the path. 

Signs and billboard littered the landscape informing me with great dread of what was to come. 

Apparently there is a freak show under the dread new tent, as if clowns are not bad enough to deal with in a dark and haunted forest. I almost felt relief when I found the main gates of the tent locked securely in place.

Looking closer at the detail on the large and very sturdy iron gates, I was glad I did not have to deal with the horrors within!

 The gates suddenly threw themselves open and I was met with the creepy sounds and sights of a Merry Go Round
The riders of this particular attraction have been long dead so I would call this a Scary Go Round. I really feel I must have some form of madness as I entered the hallway into the Freak Show itself! 

A demonic clown offered me knives to throw at his "friend". Told me not to worry his "friend" didn't move too much anymore...well...not much. 

The Freak Show was crammed with all sorts of medical and mystical oddities. 

The shrunken heads whispered and snickered at me every time I turned my back. 

I was convinced the snake charmer was a mannequin until she slithered over and hissed at me. I quickly moved deeper into the oddly round rooms of the tent.

Rooms full of creepy dolls. all moaning, crying, begging for attention...I hate dolls almost as much as I hate clowns. Speaking of clowns....

If you are afraid of is some nightmare fuel for you. 7 foot of pure evil snickering clown!

Pretty sure I am going to be checking under my bed for a month after dealing with this guy!

That was all I could take for one the a full moon. Don't forget, opening night is this Friday night, October 6th! 

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Here is a sneak peek video of last years Haunted Forest to whet your appetite for fear!

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