Monday, October 2, 2017

Death in Daylight {Countdown to Halloween Day 2}

Some day shots of the Cemetery. It is complete as it gets till Halloween night when we put out all the animatronic things. We have already had a TON of people walk and drive by to see it. We run the lights at night but the special effects only on weekends. I took a few shots last night but without my tripod (too tired to fool with it) and they were not great. I will get some good ones tonight for sure.

Is he making more skeletons through some foul sorcery or is he cooking a fellow skeleton down into broth... I have had people ask about both.

Bad hair day.

Careful not to fall up there.

The skeles are the reason we can't have nice things. They are running amok!

Nice day to rot in the sun.

She needs sunscreen ASAP!

Minion one

Minion two!

That witch watches my every move.

Clawing and scratching!

Always trying to get out...never happy where they lay.

Not even a little bit

Such a nice day for a dreary little sign.

Cheesy wind ghost smile

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