Monday, September 5, 2016

Wicked Wares from our first official Halloween Shopping trip of 2016

We hit the stores this Labor day weekend on a carefully planned trip to maximize our time to find the most Halloween there is. We had a route in mind and a timeline and stuck to both...what we did not stick to was a budget....we went way overboard...WAY over. Anyhow I was pleased with what we found and thanks to my professional shopper wife M, she saved us a ton of money. She had apps on her phone that just pulled coupons out of the air wherever we went!

First off, very aggravated at Target again this year. They had Halloween cards out with a big sign. The Bargain Halloween items were out at the beginning if the store but no Halloween. They had tons of Back to School crap and some Avengers Costumes left over from last year.... BLAH!
Same thing for Walgreens (2 huge isles cleared but only one small section of last years stuff) Kmart (huge cleared area but only some of last year crap) and Walmart (tons of christmas though).

I actually found a box of clearance items I had ordered from Spirit back in March of this year. This stuff is too good not to post:

Glow in the dark skulls. 2 bucks each from Spirit Clearance Sale !

Great addition the the Black Light Ballroom for $20!

Fancy little Lenticular...a steal at $2 Spirit clearance!

The last of my Spirit Clearance items from March and, you guessed it, 2 bucks each. I figured M would like to use this at her job or if she ever decided to rob a bank. 

Target Bargain isle $3 each

Target $3. Will go great in the bar! and it is reversible! 

Like 2 signs for 3 bucks!

More $3 Target items. M got 2 each of these to Put in the Eerie Elegant Dining room.

Found these at Michael's . They had 30% off Halloween and M found a 20% off Coupon so everything was half price! $10 each! These will go in the living room on the new couch.

$4 Michaels. Got this one for the balcony door during daylight hours. 

New Lenticulars! I will have a wall of these one day! $4 each Micheals.

Michael's $3 each. 

Got these for the buffet table at Michaels. $7.50 each.

M found her a cover for the desert table for the Halloween Party. $4 Ross.

M loved this pumpkin at Ross. It had the tiniest chip in the stem (which I fixed within 10 minutes of getting home) she got %10 off becuase of it! $7.

Ross for $10. M wants to put it in the middle of the new couch flanked by the skull pillows we snagged at Michaels. 

I could not believe this item at Ross for $10. Heavy metal door knocker with hardware. This is going on the front door TODAY!

This is the only item we bought from an actual Halloween Store (Halloween Express) 75% off! $4!

I am sure we will do a couple more runs before October sets in. Have any of you found anything great so far?


  1. Great finds, love those frames from Target!
    It's hit or miss around here. School doesn't start until tomorrow so stores have barely begun to clear out summer stuff. I figure I'll wait until next weekend to maybe start seeing more goodies.

  2. Wow, you found great stuff! Our Halloween stores are up and running but have not been yet. However, I noticed this weekend that some big stores were starting to put out their Christmas decorating merchandise. Sheesh!

  3. Cool items and a great post, good Sir wicKED...!!!
    Looking forward to your Posts, for the upcoming Holiday season...!!!

  4. Great finds! Thanks for sharing! I really love that door knocker!

  5. Wow already some great pick ups!! We did pick up the spider frame at target did not want to take a chance of that one being gone.


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