Thursday, July 31, 2014

wicKED (kinda) Wants : Grandin Road

Let's be honest...Grandin Road is PRICEY, a little generic, and they outright rip off Halloween artists, but they sure can set a scene.

The rip off comes every year. This year I spied 2 items that were blatant rip offs.

I have seen this tutorial for many years and here it is in for sale in all it's overpriced glory!

This vampire family looks very familiar....Perhaps from a Nutrigrain commercial???

You be the judge.

There were a few items that caught my attention, especially since they had videos to back them up.

Fire and ice spotlight looks really cool and I could imagine fireplaces, cauldrons, even burning room with a screaming silhouette coming from this baby.

These fire and ice lanterns are also very appealing to me.

Ghost Girl

Flaming Pumpkins

Tree Face and Arms

Black Cat Skele

A remarkably well animated swamp witch

Creepy ghost bride AND skeletal hand curtain tie back!


  1. I like the dapper skelly walking his skelly dogs!

  2. Terra's Beloved looks so much better! I've seen people pinning it on Pinterest, saying it was from a real cemetery - heehee! This one looks cheesy. That black cat skelly looks pretty cool.

  3. Gotta stop givin' them that free publicity though man, ha ha!

    1. LOL just speaking the truth....however I find it.

  4. Ok. I admit it. I really want a few of those skeleton hand tie backs!


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