Friday, June 13, 2014

Once in a lifetime event of epic wicKEDness

Today is Friday the 13th...but not just any Friday the 13th.

It is the only Friday the 13th with a Full Moon for the next 35 years! 

This seems especially dangerous to me for obvious reasons.

The mind really wonders at what can happen on night like this.

So what better time for me to have my Bachelors party! Yes that is right, my Bachelors Party is tonight of all nights! How could it not be? Is it a sign? Is it an omen? Are we going to turn into sex crazed booze wolves and tear through the town? I imagine my party will look something like this! reality... it will most likely just be like this.....

Hope you all have a wicKED weeKEnD! I know I will!


  1. LOL!! Perfect weekend for your party!! Have a blast! Don't get into any trouble!!!

  2. A most auspicious and befitting eve for your bachelor's party your wickedness! Ha! You kids have fun, but not TOO much fun, and stay safe! Beware of strange men in white masks!

  3. Brilliant, love it! Hope you have a howwwwwwwwling good time!

  4. Sounds like it could be a fun bachelor party :)


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