Monday, June 30, 2014

Haunted Honeymoon (part 1)

M is truly my Haunted wicKED Wife if you will. She booked our hotel DIRECTLY adjacent to one of Gatlinburg TN's most famous haunted attractions. The Mystery Manor! You could hear the creepy music and screams from our 8th floor balcony. I could even see the antique horse drawn hearse if I leaned out. The parking garage had a little walkway lined with cemetery fencing so you could accesses the haunt and bypass the street!

Thats us way up there on the eight floor with the light on. Notice how the haunt lights up the side of the hotel!

It was a lot of fun. Great prop work inside and lots of drop panels. Sadly, no cameras allowed inside.

There is the hearse from my our balcony.

I also happened to notice a graveyard while looking around with my new telephoto lens.

We walked all over the place taking in the sights.

Our view at night.

Almost a creepy carnival feel.

It is our tradition to ride the Stone Horse in The Village. 

Bear is getting a little friendly.

Just creepy!

This great haunted attraction was just down the street from us. unfortunately we did not have time to go time we will for sure. There are 8 haunted attraction within walking distance of each other.

Headless Horseman.

The wedding finally got to her!

Meet Stumpy. He is an undead street heckler that tells you what he really thinks in an effort to get you to come in!

Just bizarre.

I tried to return M, but I left my receipt at home.

A 5D haunted experience. Very Cool building!

M wanted to take the door home.


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