Friday, April 11, 2014

I slept next to a corpse...

As many of you know, I am traveling at the moment. Found out yesterday they found a body in the room directly beside of I , in essence, slept next to a dead body for 4 nights. I was conflicted at first, but then it weighed on me. Especially when I came back in to smell industrial deoderizer and saw they had sealed the door with metal strips. I requested a move, but it still wierds me out. It was apparently a suicide so no worries of a villian lurking in the shadows.

My friends reactions was mostly,"Do you have an alibi?". This tells me I either need new friends or the current ones know me better than I give them credit.


  1. I saw those comments on FB - and had a good giggle! But yeah, I'd be weirded out, too.

  2. What I can't figure out, is why did it take them 4 days to find the body? It was a hotel right? I think it's particularly sad that a suicide was left undiscovered that long. And all dark humour aside, I'd have been freaked out too.

    1. Apparently we should never underestimate the power of a "DO NOT DISTURB" sign.


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