Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My first wicKED gift of the season!

A couple of our good friends brought me a gift along with M's Birthday presents over the weeKEnD. Huge purple vials with screw on tops and bases to sit on. These were .59 cents each at a local store! The possibilities are endless, but I am thinking one of the following:
  1. Use them as a shotglass for Purple People Eater drinks (Grape juice, Redbull, Grape Vodka)
  2. Run tubing and glowing liquids in them to make a nice mad scientist lab bank.
  3. Store gross creatures and specimens in them and add them to the apothecary.  

Just trying to show you how large they are.

They all have tight fitting screw tops as well.

If you turn it upside down in it's just makes me nervous!


  1. nervous, yes... gives new meaning to glow stick... happy day and happy birthday!

  2. So many possibilities! Definitely do some mad scientist test tubes...


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