Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Winners of the 2012 Haunters Video Awards have been Announced!

The winners have been announced! They are as follows.

2012 Haunters Video Award Winners

Best Yard Haunt 
Canyon Trail Cemetery
Jim Slanker
Carol Stream, IL 

Best Yard Haunt (Vanguard) 
Spider Rider of Dun Ringill
Steve Parmley
Sacramento, CA 

Best Indoor/walkthrough Haunt 
The Butcher of Provincetown Haunted House
Brad Goodspeed 
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada 

Best Indoor/walkthrough Haunt (Vanguard)
Hellizondo Carnival of Risk
Craig Schriber 
Simi Valley, CA 

Best Static Prop 
Grant MacDonald (Cemetery gate) 
Edmonton Canada 

Best Static Prop (Vanguard)
Deadwood Cemetery
Michael Braun
Gurnee, IL 

Best Animated Prop
Hellizondo Carnival of Risk
Craig Schriber (meat grinder) 
Simi Valley, CA 

Best Animated Prop (Vanguard)
Bates Haunt
Dave Bates (house projection) 

Best Party Haunt 
Valridge Manor Place
Stacy Saman 
Ancaster, Ontario Canada

Best Video Production 
The Butcher of Provincetown Haunted House
Brad Goodspeed 
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada 

Best How-to
2nd Street Cemetery
Heidi & Donnie Rauber Jr. 
Covington, LA 

Propmaster Award 
Hauntcast/Village Mire Yard Haunt
Chris Baker 
South Yarmouth,MA

Congratulation to you each and every one! Great job! 

If you are interested in seeing these great home/yard haunts, you can order the DVD via the link below:

These videos are a great source of inspiration and fun. I highly recommend it! Special thanks to Chris and Jeff Davis of Davis Graveyard for putting so much hard work into this year after year!


  1. Yay for all the Haunted video makers on your list of winners and all the others out there! Haunted stuff rocks! :-)

  2. All good selections, "congrats" to them all! We gotta step our game this next year Ked! Fun stuff!

    1. You said it buddy! The rain just ruined any chances of a good night video for me...this year I am going to start early on the vids....just in case!


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