Saturday, June 22, 2013

Creepy things in the woods..

M and I went on a trip to Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium. It's a local nature preserve that also does a Halloween haunt every year. Despite it being the first weekend of Summer, I still found a few creepy things to post:

Looks like a great place to dump a body!

Really love the part about cradle and coffin.

Am I in Pumpkinrot's garden?

Of course there is a real vulture waiting for us at the entrance.

That sucker is as big as my head!

The common Garden Spider... shown here in its super freak out human size!

And of course... the black wolf!

Hope you all are having a wicKED good summer! 


  1. This looks like such a great place to visit.

    I do love the bats, but those spiders are just too bloody big!

    Winter Moon Blog

    1. Yeah they were monsters...but the place was great!

  2. I was okay until I got to the spiders and the mantiss. Now I'm all freaked out and need to run away! I'll come back when there are no more scary spiders and things. lol

    1. Yeah the spider was a little too realistic for me too.


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