Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Backwoods Haunted House catches wicKED in The Zombie Apocalypse!

One of my biggest highlights of the Halloween season is a visit to Backwoods Haunted house.

Everything about this haunt fills you with unease. The location, the drive through the winding dark countryside, even the name tells you that this is not your typical Haunted Attraction....and they never fail to deliver on that!

I had my own group in tow the night I did the review so as not to bother other good paying folks with my camera and M’s taping. My cousin and her friend from Ohio had came in just to experience this little town haunt that I talk about so much. The drive to the haunt really had them on edge. When I pulled off on the side of the road in pitch blackness to park, they were downright worried. As we approached the dilapidated and ancient barn that houses the haunt, they were ready to leave. I assured them they were in for a haunted experience like no other...and the Backwoods crew really came through on that claim.

Without giving away all the secrets of Backwooods, here is a breakdown of our visit. 


  • Location is absolutely insane! In a good way. You are on edge before you even step in. 

  • Ambiance is killer. Banging, moaning screaming. Torchlight and fires along the way just add to it. 
  • They are usually short handed on Backwoods, but they compensated very well with actors playing multiple positions and even doing simple mask costume changes. It gave the illusion that there were 50 or more insane hillbilly zombies running around us at any given time. 

  • Makeup, masks and costumes were pretty darn good. 
  • Groups were kept small (6 or less) so that the maximum scare potential could ensue.
  • The new hallway with the drop panels was awesome! 

  • The haunt itself just looks like a pack of backwoods zombies have been trapped in a barn for years. 

  • Sound effects were really good. I found out later they had created the tracks for the haunt just adding to the unique experience. 
  • This year they had the perfect amount of light and darkness. In previous years, it had been a bit on the too dark side and you could not really enjoy the full effects of the actors or the decor. This year they did it right. 

  • The extremely long section of chain link fence holding back an army of zombies is completely wicked! 

  • Narrow and winding halls built of pallets with spaces for unsavory things to grab at you. They just drive you insane trying to get through! 
  • There is on outdoor bathroom in the parking area of this haunt this year! Make sure you use this one and not the one located in the haunt itself. Trust me you want to skip it ;) You could always just pee your pants....and I am sure some of you will!

  • The guide tells you a story about his experiments and it total works. No unexplained rooms out in the middle of nowhere that doesn't fit in.

  • The theme was Zombie Apocalypse and they deliver! 


  • Parking is almost always going to be a problem. Be ready for that. They do have helpful people around the haunt to help you find a spot and help you get back out so no worries.

  • You could run into a line due to it’s popularity, but they do a good job keeping those waiting entertained. 
  • I really missed that great crank ghost they had last year.... but that has nothing to do with the over all review.... wonder where it went

  • No refreshments sold at the haunt. 
  • There are no signs on the highway directing you to the haunt. Make sure you know where to turn or you will miss it. Would like to see some form of signs leading the way as I have several people each year message me about not being able to find it. 


I really don’t have a lot to recommend to this group in way of improving the actual haunt. They have fright down right. It would be extremely wicked if they could incorporate a very small corn maze around the barn. The possibilities of panic boggle the mind!
A better ticketing system would only help them maintain profit and refreshments for long lines would increase profit as well as placate waiting groups.
I would like to see them keep in the direction they are going. The narrow passageways coupled with wide open spaces full of creatures is great! Just keep up the great/bizarre lighting!

Here is how they ranKED up:


Location, unique sound effects, room design, and great home made props.. This place is great on it’s 
own but they insist on making it even worse! 


They had some really good masks and makeup as always, but 
you do run into the occasional street clothing mis-match look. 


The one of a kind recordings they used were tied into the room they were coming from. Very accurate and very chilling!


It's hard to go wrong with scene setting in  a place like this. If a board falls apart and hangs by a nail, it looks like it was intentional. The crew really did a good job on the pallet maze and the drop panel hallway.


If you are new to Backwoods, then you will have never seen anything like it. If you are a returning fan, you will see some things that have been used before including characters and props, but overall they do a good job of giving you new horrors to deal with every year.


Everybody was on point and stayed in Character. I kind of miss the crazy tour guide from years past, but they did not miss the mark with the new one. The zombies were right out of a movie....great job!


The haunt itself sets the stage for fear and it doesn't stop there. When you step from your vehicle, the screams don’t stop till the chainsaws run you back! I heard women and men alike screaming like little children as they tried to escape the hellish confines of the barn.


This is one haunt that changes from year to year and even day to day. I highly recommend you go back several times just to get to take it all in. 

That gives The Backwoods Haunted House of 2012 a wicKED ranking of 4.25 out of 5 Grimaces!

Do yourself a favor and get down to see this completely unique and totally terrifying haunt as many times as you can. You are sure to see something different with each visit. make sure you bring your friends so you can share the scare! 

The Backwoods Haunted House "Zombie Apocalypse" wicKED tour of 2012!


  1. looks like a great haunt! love the zombies at the chain link fence...thanks so much for sharing this--really enjoy these!

  2. What a fab haunt! Wish I lived close enough to go!!!

    Haunt on ya'll!

    Love to you and M!


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