Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer deals for Halloween swag and signs of things to come.

  M an I found a couple of great Halloween deals at Ye Olde Walmart yesterday.

   First, high quality black table cloths for $2.50!

For that price, you can cover every flat surface in your house with them or break them down for materials. Not sure if this is just a local thing, but it is worth a look in your local Walmart's clearance isle for sure.

We also got one of those goofy zombie shirts. You know, the kind you pull up over your head and there is a zombie face under it. For 5 bucks, I could not resist.

 With yesterday being the first day of Summer, it was refreshing to find an LTD Commodities Harvest catalog in the mail.

They usually only carry cutesy stuff, and this year they have fewer items than ever but, it still is a great reminder of what is right around the corner.  Here are a few of the items from their website :

Buyer beware as I got burned last year on one of their items *Click here for link*

   We were in Tennessee over the weeKEnD and I was happy to see both Micheals and Hobby Lobby stocking the shelves with Fall decor. No Halloween, but Fall items still get me going. This is the earliest I can recall them putting out these things. I hope it is a sign they will stock Halloween sooner too. Sadly,  Hobby Lobby also had several isles of Christmas out so my theory of Christmas year round may come to pass. 

   I am off to work on the yard and prepare for M's Birthday Party next Saturday. Unfortunately, I am battling a couple of kidney stones which is greatly inhibiting both my physical and creative prowess currently. We also have a work crew tearing up our front street, cutting our water lines, and being overly loud, which contributes to the overall inability to get things done. 
  As for the kidney stones, I fear they are winning in a bad way, but for the work crew.... if I can only find a place to hide the bodies where the other workers won't keep finding them......


  1. Aw man - hope those stones go away quick! I've heard they are the guy's version of giving birth...or maybe my hubby is just a wuss.

    The lighted wire pumpkin is kind of cool. I haven't ordered from LTD in forever.

    LOL @ the road workers!

    1. I do not think your hubby is a wuss because they are killing me! Or maybe we are both wusses ;)

  2. Yikes! Hope you feel better soon! Thanks for the heads up on fall decor being out, I will have to check our local craft stores!

  3. Chevalier had to have the laser to get his- hope yours don't get that bad. Good health to you!!!


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