Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween! {Countdown to Halloween Day 31}

Unfortunately due to rain and high winds, we will not be using any animatronics or fog machines and sound effects will be at a minimal this year. We will still be out in force to haunt the place though! 

Due to rain, we will not be going as our usual zombies due to rain and makeup issues but DEATH WALKS THE NIGHT!

Happy Halloween all!


  1. I'm not sure where you're located, but we're dealing with the same thing here in St. Louis. The wind is wreaking havoc with my decorations and temperatures are right at freezing. My outside decorations are sticking to the basics with nothing fancy (and nothing on the roof!) I'm still hoping to get the fog machine running tonight.

  2. Ked - from what I have seen of your pictures, you are going to bring it regardless of the weather. Happy Halloween!

  3. Happy Halloween to Meade Manor! Hate that wind.
    We got 5 inches of snow so far today....

  4. Weather was supposed to be bad here but it's been great all day! Unfortunately, the number of trick or treaters is greatly far.

    I'm filling my time visiting everyone's blog and sampling some local rhubarb vodka!
    I hope you enjoy the evening whatever it brings.

  5. Happy Halloween! It is clear,but freezing here. Only 16 TOT's but quality costumes as usual.


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