Friday, September 14, 2018

FIVE hidden keys to unlock The Haunted Forest...If you find one, you will be rewarded!

During the month of October, the barrier between our world and the spirit realm becomes extremely thin. So thin that those with the knowledge of the darker arts can break through that barrier and unleash the foul things of the other side into our world of warmth and light.

Madam Beatrice Lebow is one of those people. 

Every October she uses 5 special keys to unlock the land of the dead and invites them into the forests around Mountain Empire College.

 These keys take the form of shiny, jet black skulls that contain dark mojo that only a master of voodoo can use. 

This year, one of her most unruly minions named Darkness stole the keys away in an effort to prevent the Voodoo Queen from unleashing the spirits into the Haunted Forest.

 This minion hid the keys far and wide to prevent them from being found easily, but Madam Lebow is not so easily thwarted!

She has put out a reward for the safe return of those keys. Anybody who is lucky (unlucky?) enough to find one and return it to the main entrance of The Haunted Forest at the ticket booth, will receive (relatively) safe passage for 2 through her Haunted Forest for free! 

 One key has already been found and only 4 remain! Will you be the one to discover the next?


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