Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Creepiest Urban Legend from each State!

Beware the Bunny Man Bridge of Virginia!

I will be honest, I have never heard of the Urban Legend from my state...what about you all? Click the link below to find out what your state's creepiest legend is!


  1. fun read. Chessie the Chesapeake bay creature ~ I've never heard of it either. But now, I will admit, when I'm out there on my paddleboard all alone Chessie will probably be on my mind. lol.

  2. Can't say as thought I've ever heard of the Little Girl on Knock-Knock Road, either! The other links at the bottom of that page were stories that I have read about, tho.

  3. Most of these we have heard of ... as for Virginia... Salem has had "strange" disappearances of people for Many years...

  4. I used to live in Ridge, Maryland, my front yard was the Chesapeake Bay near Solomon's Island. I have never seen 'Chessie" and I lived there for 19 yrs.

    Now about Big Stone Gap, VA, I now live in Pennington Gap, VA. I recently visited the South Western Museum with my service dog. He is a very obedient dog a former Army explosives dog. Anyway when I wanted to go up to the second floor he refused, and I mean REFUSED. He wined and stood his ground, he was NOT going to the second floor. I think he sensed a spirit. He has NEVER acted like that before or since. He always does what I tell him.. NOT THIS TIME. Something is up there.

    Ray Morgan

    1. Ray, you are not the first to comment about the upper floors of the Museum, so I would agree with your dog, there is something going on up there. I would like to collect some more stories about local encounters. Maybe we can try to get your dog to give it a second shot this coming October?


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