Friday, July 15, 2016

The newest addition to Meade Manor : Meet Samhain

We found this pitiful little guy hiding by the church, living in drain pipes and crying his eyes out. He was small enough to still be nursing his mother and he was scared to death of us. Even though he would run away, every time he would see us, he would cry his heart out. M finally got with a local rescue group and set a live trap for him. After days of chasing him, she finally caught him within a few hours with a can of catfood as bait. At first, we were going to give them up to find a foster home for him, but M fell in love and now we have a new cat.

His name is Samhain, Sam for short ( I know it is not how it is pronounced but I like it!). I guess we will have to have M dress up as a witch this Halloween...

He is fast as lightning making it almost impossible to get a good picture.


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