Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Unsung Heroes of Yard Haunts

No not that kind of hero!

I never really thought about how many things we use during Halloween season that we never list as a “necessity” or “need” . We only see the finished product in the form of our ultra creepy and cool pictures. Well I am here to list a few of those items that I could not haunt without. They make life a lot easier on the haunter and the Wicked Woods Cemetery would be a bleak haunt without! Here they are in no particular order.


From holding up tombstones to making our zombies stand tall in a wind storm, rebar is a haunting have to for the Yard Haunter. I have a HUGE pile of them on my shelf at all times.

Extension Cords:

I am actually ashamed at the amount of high quality extension cords I own. It is a have to if you plan on having a eerily lit haunt. Adding high quality sound and special effects like fog, and animatronics….get your credit card out for the extension cord that makes it all possible.

Rolled wire:

Stitching a zombie t together? Tying a tomb stone to rebar? Want your skeletons to climb up on your porch? Better have some high gauge wire to hold it in place.

Duct Tape:

If it’s broke…and duct tape won’t hold it together, you do not need it!

Sheppard’s Hooks:

Already painted black. Ready to be pushed in the ground and secured with a single step. Various sizes too. Great for having those store bought skeles stand up on their own! Or making ghosts “hover”.

Fishing Line:

Want your ghost to float? 50lb test will do it. Need to make a cloak out of creepy cloth? Fishing line can do it with invisible seems.

Staple Gun:

Hanging signs? Fixing scarecrows? Zombie falling apart? Staple Gun to the rescue.

Hot Glue Gun:

Same as above but less intrusive for more delicate things.

Xacto Knife:

Best thing for carving a forever pumpkin and for extreme detail on tombstone.

Dremel Tool :

A must have for tombstones!

Thumb tacks:

I cannot tell you how many things are hanging up at Halloween with just a thumbtack…also good for helping to secure wired props into place or a quick repair.

Black Paint :

Easy to mix up to make grey, can add to compound for tombstones. If something is cracked, paint it black! Great to make a “wash” to darken in fading tombstones or props.

Mason Jars:

Great for keeping those Lights dry during rain or helping to diffuse the light in an area. Can also be wrapped in duct tape to act as a shade for spotlights.

Chicken Wire:

Need a groundbreaker? Want to make a full standing Jason Voorhees? Need a body bag with body? Chicken wire can make you a fully fleshed out and light weight body in no time!

Landscaping pins:

Great for taming cords, holding down lights with no spikes and for props with the Christmas tree type stands keeping them in position.

What are your list of behind the scene items you can't haunt without?


  1. Very informative and something not often thought about by those of us who just enjoy the finished product.

  2. Long live extension cord and shepherd hooks! My husband and I fight over how many of each is actually necessary. I don't think you could EVER have enough cords, 3-outlet taps and timers! Another must-have for me is Tupperware bin/totes for storage and organization. They're amazing, especially if well organized and labeled!

  3. I need some of those landscaping pins! I didn't know what they were called, so now I know what to look for!
    Can't forget a hammer & zipties,


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