Monday, August 24, 2015

Cloaked figure spotted lurking in NC woods.

You can't even make up stuff this cool and it's not even October yet!

Click *HERE* for the story.


  1. as a teen , a couple of my friends were camping one night... we decided to "scare" them... creepy glowing mask (and rubber long-fingered "hands" and a long black robe with big sleeves.... As I was creeping up on their little tent ... Suddenly a Bat flew up my sleeve... so. I panicked... (bet it was a comical sight to see this robed monster thrashing about . trying to get the bat out of my robe...)
    ... and the thing "crapped all up my sleeve...
    a little tale from my youth to give you a laugh...
    have a great evening , good Sir wicKED..

  2. That is just up the road from here...!!! Cool...

  3. Some ambitious ghoul is getting a jump on the season!

    (P.S. -- Funny story, Dr Theda -- I can just imagine you jumping around, LOL!


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