Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Date With Death!

Here are a few shots of my costume on Halloween.

M got silly as usual and wanted some "Sexy Death" shots...I apologize in advance.

Death is widower and looking for his soul mate. Attributes he looks for in a mate are heartbeat, terminal diseases, and goth chicks.

Death is a world traveler and enjoys meeting lots of new people every day. In his spare time, he enjoys visiting nursing homes.

He enjoys long walks in graveyards, holding severed hands, and getting a moon tan.

Death is waiting for you! Contact him now!


  1. That's a whole lotta sexy - what ghoul I mean gal could resist death?

  2. I like the suggestive positioning of Death's extra big scythe! Yeah, baby, yeah!

  3. Hahhaa How horrific!! Love the sassy photos of Mr. Death.. Deadly handsome :D Both of you look really great in your costumes :)


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