Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I saw Mr Jones and I ran....STRAIGHT TO THE CHECKOUT!

Lucked up at my local Walmart in SW Virginia and saw they had 4 slots for Mr Jones. 3 DVD slots and 1 blue ray. There were only 2 blue ray and 1 DVD left ! Thankfully I got one!

For those that don't know, Mr Jones is a movie that features the amazing scarecrows and prop work of the one and only Pumpkinrot!

We will be watching this bad boy tonight as I gleefully point out Rot's work to my better half! This will look great between my Trick or Treat and Alien blue rays I keep out year round!

Go out and get your copy today!


  1. Got it- Target 9.99 for dvd. looking forward to this weekend!

  2. Dudes!
    Thanks a TON!
    That pic made my week.

  3. My local Walmart has it for $9.99 also. I really liked the movie, especially considering that it's a PG-13 film. Not bad at all. I've gotta buy my copy of this and Nurse, which is also only $9.99


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