Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Birthday to our two hand raised April Fools!

About this time last year, we found ourselves hand raising a couple of week old kittens. We had a stray cat take up residence on our front porch and inevitably she had kittens right in M's lap. A week later, she was killed by a clueless and idiotic driver going about 50 in a 25.

Gizmo (white) and Eduth (striped, spotted, multicolored) are now permanent fixtures in our household. They think they are small fuzzy humans. Gizmo likes to sleep on M's head and Eduth enjoys watching TV. 




  1. They are adorable and beautiful babies! :) Happy Birthday fuzzies!

  2. Love surprises of the heart variety! They are gorgeous ~ lucky you!

  3. KED, you and M are very lucky. We just inherited stepmom's cat.., it's been hiding under bed in guest bedroom isolated from everyone. When we go in it hisses and growls so we have to be patient. Your new cats are so nice! Happy birthday!

  4. Two kitties in the house? I'm betting not a moments peace! Nice!


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