Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Congratulations to Anthony Kosar, FaceOff's Season 4 winner!

I have to say, this is one of my favorite season of the Syfy hit, FaceOff. This season there was little to no bickering, backstabbing, or complaining. It was just good old make up magic! The final three were almost a team and you could genuinely tell they were rooting for each other. If you missed it, grab it On Demand or check out the episodes on the net... you will not be sorry.

Congratulation to Anthony Kosar for bringing home the win. He has a style that I am certain we will see in upcoming films for years to come. 

Here are some of his creations that put him in as the season 4 winner!

Here are his final creations that brought home the win! Really like that sinister thief guy! There is a story here without having to spell it out!

Can't wait for the next season to start coming up at the end of AUGUST (HALLOWEEN SEASON!)


  1. I LOVE this show!!! You're right, this season was top notch! I'm glad that there wasn't, or at least, they didn't highlight the drama this season. This was such a talented group! I'm glad that Anthony won, as he's very talented, but I was so disappointed that Eric Fox didn't make it to the finale. I really loved his quirky/horror style. Can't wait for Season 5!!!!

    1. I am so over the drama (real or scripted) that most reality shows THINK they have to provide for ratings. I totally Agree about Eric. He had some WAY out of the box thinking but I am sure somebody will snag him for big projects.

  2. Oh wow, those really are awesome! I'll have to go check out this season online. I kind of stopped watching it a while back because I got sick of the way they played up all the bickering and manufactured drama.


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