Friday, February 22, 2013

It's National Margarita Day! Celebrate with a glowing drink!


Celebrate with one of my deadly drink recipes straight for the wicKED Cook Book of Doom!

Moonlight Margarita (aka. Ghost Margarita):

This is a frozen drink that will actually glow under a black light. I mix mine in a frozen drink mixer that had a setting for “icy drinks” which makes it very smooth (Walmart $26 bucks). It has a max capacity of 48 ounces (6cups). The cool thing about this drink is it tastes really great and it is low cal. What a deal!

4 cups of ice cubes (by volume not weight)
1/2 package of Great Value Lime Margarita drink mix
1 lime juiced
Lime Vodka (your choice)
Tonic Water

Put the 4 cups of ice in the drink mixer. Next add your half package of drink mix and lime juice in. Then pour your lime vodka in till it is up to the 2 cup mark (1/3 of the blender). Don’t panic! I did not just tell you to put 2 cups of vodka in it. The ice displaces most of it so you end up with about 4 good shots. Now you want to top it off with tonic water (which makes it glow). Take it right up to the 6 cup mark (max fill line). Blend until smooth. Serve in a clear skull mug or margarita glass and make sure you have ample black lights around for your guest to enjoy the glow!
Have a Happy and safe Margarita Day! I am going to sit back and recharge on a 4 day weeKEnD!

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