The modern day definition of a lurker is a person who reads discussions on  forums, message boards, blogs, or other interactive systems, but rarely or never participates actively or chooses to follow and support the site. They remain anonymous while enjoying content and posting namelessly. Research indicates that "lurkers make up over 90% of online groups"

   Most sites have hundreds even thousands of views a day, but those same site can barely scrape together 50 registered followers for support. That is a shame for the hard working authors that scan the vast wastelands to bring you the content that you crave.

   Since you are reading this article, the site you have been frequenting is part of B.A.L.Z. Bloggers Against Lurking Zombies. It is not meant to be threatening or to cause you to stop your enjoyment of the site that is part of the alliance. It just let's you know that this site would rather you follow and be a supporter rather than a mindless lurking zombie hungry for the author's mind. Blog writers spend countless hours of their free time to provide you with an entertaining and/or informative articles, the least you can do is let them know you like it
   Do you have the B.A.L.Z. to publicly support your favorite sites and authors? Sure you do! What could be holding you back?

Who has time? You do!
   It only take a few minutes to register and follow the site you frequent. Most sites use Google Friend Connect to follow your favorite authors. You can find the link HERE or just look on the homepage of your favorite Blogs for the personal link there. It only takes a minute and a valid email address, then you can come out of the darkness with the rest of the shuffling hordes.
   Facebook users can also choose to follow through the Networkblogged app if the blog author has set this up. You can find it through this link HERE or search the home of you favorite site for the link.
   There are other ways to follow such as via email or feeds as well. No matter how you choose to support your blogs, the point is follow it. Come out of the shadows and stop shambling about like a lost zombie.

Afraid of retribution or scorn? Fear not!
   Many anonymous followers claim fear of being singled out, attacked, or belittled if they follow and contribute to a site.  This is not the case. We bloggers are a loyal bunch and we hold our support groups in high regards. I can personally assure you that your favorite authors will not allow such behavior to happen.
   As far as concerns of the authors themselves participating in this behavior, I would be shocked to find that. Blog writers are putting themselves out for the world to judge and as such would not willingly engage in this behavior. Fear not would-be followers. Author's protect their own!

I don't want you to know who I am so I can be rude, mocking, and cruel through anonymous posts! Heck I may even steal some content!
   If this is you, then move on bone head! Nobody, and I mean NOBODY has time for you. If that is the only reason you frequent a site, then you need to get a life. You obviously care way too much about the Blog and it's writer,who probably doesn't know or doesn't care you exist. 
   If you still choose to be this pathetic person, then take your toys and go home. Pre-school starts early in the morning and you will need all the sleep you can for your tiny brain.

This Blog offends me so much! I hate it! In fact I have hated it  all day!
      If the site you are lurking on offends you, or you don't agree with it, guess what? You live in the land of the free, turn the computer off or head over to another site that suits you. No need to check the offending blog 50 times a day to see if it got any worse, just move on. If you do, you will thank me later when you do find a site with content you love.

    If you are just a curious person with a hunger for specific information that only the eclectic group of blog writers across the world can provide, then follow your authors! Have the B.A.L.Z.to support them the same way they support you and countless others with free content.

   Don't be a mindless, lurking zombie. Follow, contribute, and support!

   Besides, you never know what is lurking in the shadows with you!