Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday's Trash to Terrors

If you are a regular follower of my blog, you know I post about wicKED things year round. I frequently post about finding items during spring and summer months in thrift stores, yard sales, or heading to the trash bin. Here are a few examples of the trash I turn into terrors....

Here were a couple of yard sale lamps that had seen better days. Got them for a buck each. 

Add a couple of foam skulls I got on clearance last year, dollar tree creepy cloth, and a couple of flicker bulbs and you have some creepy lamps to add not only functionality to your haunt but some great ambiance as well. The candle holder and LED candle in the middle of them are also bargain treasures. The holder was a horrible gold color that I darkened up and the LED came from  Kirklands clearance shelf because it was banged up. Together, they work magic.

We got this end table for free at a yard sale. It was a little banged up but very sturdy oak construction and a solid beveled glass top. I knew when I saw it I wanted to creep it out for Halloween. While this end table did serve as a great place to put my drink and snacks while playing Gears of War all summer, it held a more sinister place in my mind for the coming fall.

I am not a fan of glitter at all. Especially for Halloween. M came up with this concept and I hate to admit it, but it works. Dark satin cloth completely covers the table. I lifted the glass out and hid all aspects of the wood with the satin. Put the glass back, hide a black LED spot light under the glass, and some of M's girly glitter Halloween swag on top and BAM! Instant cool party prop. Really like the way the items seem to float in the black swirls of the cloth.

Picked this light box up at a yard sale for a buck. This is one of those industrial light boxes that mimics a window for underground offices. When I saw it, I knew where I was headed. Removing the criss-cross of wood and spray painted black.

I had some X-rays of my melon already. Couple of quick cuts and some glue and you have this.

This is going to be a focal point in our kitchen for the Halloween party. It will be right next to the life like jello brain and the mad scientist mixology set. I may add a little place card saying "The Mind of a Mad Man".... not sure but it will be cool none the less. The starters on the bulbs flicker like crazy which just give it an extra creep factor.

Picked up this decorative bottle of old bath salts at a yard sale for 50 cents. I had at first intended to just empty it and use the bottle for another apothecary jar. With all the talk about zombie bath salts, I had plans to then change the label to "Zombie Bath Salts".... then I figured it looked just as good and thought provoking to leave it be. So there it is.... mixed in with my other awful apothecary items.

My last item on this list is not trash at all. In fact it is a premium product that I highly reccomend all my readers try. It is Halloween Hot Sauce!

I got the triple pack that includes mild, medium and hot sauce. They taste amazing. You can get yours at HAUNTED HOT SAUCE. You will thank me later if you do!

Why would I put this great product in the Trash to Terrors post? Well....we will most likely eat them up at the Halloween party and instead of throwing them in the trash... I will fill them with an appropriate colored fluid and use them again and again every year! See? Trash.... to Terrors!


  1. LOVE this post! The x-ray prop is amazing and so effective. Wonderful food for thought here!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I really like your apothecary items...I have a few in my hutch year round. This year I have added "Beggar's Hand Oil" and "Ear of Giant" to my collection. Ingenious idea for the flourescent light as well!!


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