Friday, October 12, 2012

Freaky Photo Friday with the Family.

I had a ton of old "candid" photos laying around of me and my family shopping for, working towards,  or celebrating Halloween. I figured I would give my readers a rare (yeah right) look into the inner workings of The Wicked Woods....
First of all, there is never any privacy in the Wicked Woods.... somebody or something is always watching you...even in the bathroom!

 You just can't catch a break....never!

The tubs are almost always in use.

And Micheal Myers(aka Nic Cage with a crick in his neck) is always trying to peek into the potty at you. Lilly does not approve of this at all.

That's Pumpkin...the outside cat that the neighborhood feeds. He stays with us mostly so we claim him. I assure you, this looks worse than it is. He just always hangs out with me while I work on props.

We eat a lot of cat brains here. 

Not even wicKED mother's are exempt from the occasion Brain Feast.

 Please turn your head and cough.

Captain Swine Flew!

Mom is making cookies... i'm making a short horror film about a woman murdered while making cookies.

Poor M.

This is the guy that proof reads my posts....I think he may be a hacker too.

Her Royal Highness Queen Lilly


Zombie love....

My God Daughter Addison....she is going to be a great haunter one day!

Who ordered the box of screamin kitty?

M aka the pumpkin thief!

I think we got robbed! This is not light up pumpkin! Actual that is Gizmo. One of the new additions to the Wicked Woods. Hand raised, bottle fed,  and spoiled rotten.

He really likes to sleep on M's head...all the time!


Worthless....except he enjoys Halloween.

Pumpkin's favorite spot.

Best cat costume ever....


I had to travel for work the other day. This oak leaf decided to hitch a ride with me.

Our local Walmart...remember kids... only you can stop Zombie Abuse!

Valley of the dolls? 

Another local Walmart...enough with the zombie abuse already!

M and my wicKED mother....I am kinda speechless on this one...



  1. This is a great post - how funny! It's nice that Lilly has a new brother to share the season with!

  2. Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Those are great pictures! "Worthless" is too cute!


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