Friday, October 26, 2012

FANATIC FRIDAY! Are you a Halloween fanatic? 100 questions to test yourself with!

Last season I asked 50 questions to test yourself in determining if you were truly a Halloween Fanatic. This year, I ramped it up to 100! Answer honestly to find out where you stand in the Halloween love hierarchy.

1. During the month of October, you seem to suffer from constant hot glue blisters, Dremel Tool gouges,   X-acto blade cuts, coat hanger wire scrapes, splinters, paint fume headaches, and/or hand cramps from detail work.

2. If you have ever had a pet named a Halloweeny name such as Pumpkin, Spooky, Sam Hane, Creepers, Spirit, Grim etc.

3. You fully understand what a FCG, Peppers Ghost, Bucky, and Corpseing are.

4. If you have ever had a conversation with a supervisor at work over your excessive visits to which then leads to it being blocked from your company’s server system.

5. You stalk your local stores, starting at the end of August, for Halloween merchandise.

6. You bargain shop for pumpkins.

7. When camping or hiking, you make continual references to the movie “Friday the 13th” and even go so far as to mimic the title soundtrack of that movie under your breath.

8. Instead of having a Christmas Club Account or a Rainy Day Jar, you have a Halloween Cash Stash.

9. Whenever you see a full moon, you have to howl at it.

10. You take vacation time in October for Halloween projects.

11. You tell at least one family member about  Krampus during a Christmas gathering.

12. You request Halloween off at your job a year in advance.

13. Whenever a Friday the 13th rolls around on your calendar, you treat it as a semi holiday. 

14. You have a nagging fear in the back of your mind that you will be sick on Halloween night.

15. You start obsessing over weather forecast for October 31 at least 3 weeks prior to the date.

16. Your "Black Friday" is whatever day the retails stores put their Halloween merchandise on 50% off.

17. If you have ever gotten into a heated debate with another person over the fact that “Trick or Treat” and “Trick r Treat” are two completely different movies not related to each other in the least.

18. If you have ever received or requested something Halloween related for your birthday and/or Christmas.

19. You plan a special trip every year to a wholesale outlet to buy batteries and LED tea lights.

20. When on summer vacation to a warm sunny place, you manage to find and purchase something for Halloween.

21. If you ever questions yourself as to whether you are a hoarder when packing up or taking out your Halloween decorations.

22. Anytime you see the colors orange and black together, you automatically think "Halloween!". 

23. You realize you have an inordinate amount of black cloth.

24. Your DVR is set to record more Halloween related shows than normal programming during the 
month of October.

25. If you own more than 5 Halloween themed cookbooks

26. Pumpkin flavored food and drinks are highly coveted by you.

27. You would trade in your current vehicle, even though it is new, for a hearse in a heartbeat.

28. If you find yourself opting for a very expensive video/digital camera just for Halloween pictures.

29. You landscape your yard during Spring and Summer for maximum creep factor in fall such as Sugar Maples and Red Oaks for fall colors or creepy gnarled bushes and trees for use in a yard haunt.

30. People post scary pictures on your Facebook with comments like, “Saw this and thought of you”, or “Look this reminds me of you!”

31. You stop mowing your yard for the month of October to make your house look scarier. 

32. You have Halloween costumes  and toys for your pets.

33. If a cashier has ever asked you, "Are you building a bomb?" when you are shopping for Halloween.

34. If you have ever pissed off a mail man or garbage man  with a hidden prop.

35. You stockpile PVC, scrap wood, wire, miss mixed paint, Duct Tape, newspaper, and rebar all year.

36. If you have ever had a serious conversation with a local hunter as to what his plans for a freshly killed deer’s skull were.

37. If you have ever thrown away perfectly good storage items to make room for just one more Halloween tote.

38. If you have gotten a haircut/style specifically for a Halloween costume or party. 

39. Your idea of prime Halloween shopping locations includes Thrift stores, Yard/Garage sales, and Goodwill.

40. The company you work for always asks you to help decorate for Halloween for them.

41. You plan your weekend destinations based on store locations that are selling a particular Halloween item.

42. If you have every taken out a loan or applied for a Credit Card specifically for Halloween purchases. 

43. If you ever dismantled another Holiday decoration to create something for Halloween.

44. You start dreaming up your Halloween Costume in June.

45. You have spreadsheets, word docs, aps, budget programs, design software etc, to prep for Halloween.

46. You're the first on your block to decorate for Halloween.

47. Whenever you buy new furniture, your first thought is , “How is this going to look/work during Halloween parties”.

48. Your Halloween decorations are up in September.

49. If you have ever talked a spouse/significant other into allowing you to fund and build a coffin because it will also serve as a great storage space.

50. If you have ever found yourself cooking something and thinking, "How can I make this look really gross for a Halloween Party.".

51. You spring cleaning comes in October…..right before your Halloween Party.

52. You shop for treat bag toys/goodies year round.

53. You find yourself secretly excited because you just heard a Halloween related song on the radio or TV.

54. If you have ever chastised a fellow Halloween Haunter for using cutesy store bought scarecrows in their Halloween displays.

55. You make a big deal out of seeing the first Halloween commercial of the year. 

56. Before throwing out anything broken or old, such as furniture, electronics, or clothes, you consider if it could be used for a Halloween prop.

57. You have at least one Halloween ring tone on your cell.

58. If you have ever felt the need to shake the hand of a Haunted House employee because they did such a great job.

59. There is at least one Halloween item that stays up year round in your home.

60. If you have ever heckled somebody for using inflatable Halloween decorations.

61. People ask you if they can borrow a costume to scare somebody.....and it is July.

62. If you have ever “stolen” a neighbors bagged leaves for your displays.

63. Somebody brings to your attention, during the month of October, that you have strange red stains on your hand, fingers, or feet.

64. If the police have ever been called or just stopped to investigate one of your props.

65. Whenever visiting a graveyard, you can't help but look at the tombstones for inspiration. 

66. If you have ever left a spider web up when cleaning because, “it looks so darn cool”.

67. You surprise yourself at the amount of black and gray spray paint you go through.

68. If you have ever dug up a section of your yard to plant pumpkins.

69. You carry coupons in your wallet/purse from September 1st through Halloween for various Halloween stores.

70. When shopping for a new house, some of the main items you consider are , is there room for Halloween parties, how will it look decorated, will trick or treaters come to this house, and is there enough storage for my Halloween stuff. 

71. You see one of your lesser known neighbors out in a store and they refer to you as, “that guy that likes Halloween so much”.

72. You have friends who bring over their friends to see your house during Halloween.

73. You know the difference in a Bucky and a Blucky.

74. Your neighbors start asking you about your Halloween plans in August.

75. If you have ever gotten into an argument with a complete stranger because they swear you can buy a hand made crank ghost or Pepper's ghost illusion at Walmart. 

76. Whenever you enter your local thrift/farmers market/ Goodwill store, the employees there push creepy Halloween items your way as soon as they see you.

77. In your collection of everyday hanging pictures in your house, there is at least one picture of you or your family in Halloween costumes.

78. Your idea engagement proposal (giving or receiving) involves Halloween or at least a costume.

79. If you have ever purchased a security camera. Not for your house or your car, but your display.

80. You have a special drawer or place in the closet for Halloween themed clothing and t shirts.

81. You have a secret family recipe, passed down over generations, for a Halloween related food or drink.

82. Your family and friends are always on the look out for strange bottles and jars to add to your apothecary display.

83. If you have ever had people give you strange looks because you remind your partner very loudly in 
Walamrt, “Don’t forget to get some more blood, we need it for the party!”

84. If you have ever been interrupted midsentence by somebody proclaiming ,”Boy! You sure are into Halloween!”.

85. If you get random picture messages from friends containing Halloween displays or merchandise.

86. If you have ever studied a real spider's web for inspiration on a prop.

87. You are always asked your opinion on the latest scary movies/TV shows.

88. It's the first weekend of September and you already feel behind on your Halloween preparations.

89. If you have ever been house hunting and told your realtor, “Haunted” is one of the features you are looking for.

90. You go to haunted attractions in costume.

91. Your computer, tablet, or phone has a Halloween theme on it.

92. You have totes or boxes in your home that are labeled “body parts” or “zombies”.

93. You receive an achievement award at your work place and win a Halloween Costume Contest trophy on the same day and you are more thrilled about the trophy.

94. You have kept either an old dead tree or a large broken limb because, “It would look cool in your haunt”.

95. You take pride in giving out the best treat bags in town.

96. You stare longingly at the Dremel Pumpkin Tool set whenever you are in Lowes.

97. If a neighborhood child has ever asked you if any of your yard haunt decorations are “real”.

98. Jehovah’s Witnesses pass by quickly and nervously without making eye contact whenever you have your yard decorations out.

99. You have had a serious discussion with a fellow Halloween head about who is “the hottest” zombie chick in a movie.

100. You start your own blog about Halloween.

Now tally up your score. You get one point for every questions you answered yes to. Check below to see where you stand!

0 - 15 You're an Oops!
You most likely found my blog by accident. Sorry if I scared you.

16-30 You're a Participator
With less than a week till Halloween, you better dig out that paper skeleton and that apple sized plastic pumpkin you decorate with every year. 

 31- 60 You're a Fan
You decorate. You celebrate. You most likely dress up each year and hand out candy from your decorated door.

61- 90 You're a Fanatic!
Your house is a work of Halloween art. Your Halloween Holiday spans weeks while you prepare and decorate. You most likely have an annual party and most of your decorations/costume are hand made. You  have the best treat bags on the block and set a huge budget for your Halloween spending.

91-100 You are the INCARNATION OF SAMHAIN!
 The neighborhood children better bring a change of underwear when they come to your house for treats.  

   Hope that sheds some light on your true feeling for Halloween. Let me know how you scored this year!


  1. ...and how many of these questions are based on personal experience?????

    I am a fan.

  2. i passed out around 45 questions... i will be right back...

  3. Ha ha, I remember when I first discovered PumpkinRot's blog, and I was reading through the archives, I tripped some kind of bot sensor that blogger had, and as a result no one in the company could visit temporarily.


  4. LOL...I already knew the answer in regards to self but had a lot of fun reading these! excellent!

  5. I scored a decent 75 so that makes me a Fanatic...actually I refer to myself as a Halloweenoholic...I'm shooting for 100%!!!


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