Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Mourning Skeleton Take 2

One of last years favorite props was the mourning skeleton that I threw together in like 10 minutes RIGHT before TOTs came to the house.

It was an accident really. I was trying to find a place for the last skele and I just dropped it in a heap while I went to get some wire. I came back and saw that it's hands were caught in the loop that it hangs from and it seemed to be weeping. Some creepy cloth and a LED candle later and I had the most talked about prop of 2011. The poor soul who grieved at the grave until they themselves passed on.....even then they continued to mourn.

With that being said.... here is the new mourning skeleton of 2012!

Not bad for a 30 dollar Wallgreens skele(with discount!)...2 packs of Dollartree Creepy Cloth and a coat hanger.
Can't wait to see how this looks in the dark with fogs and lighting. Feedback is always welcome so critique away!


  1. BRILLIANT!!! I love the last photo. Looks so real. As if the mourner wilted away at her lover's grave.

  2. Love it! She's going to look fantastic all lit up at night!

  3. Man, the quality of the dollar store creepy cloth is WAY better this year!

  4. Oh...I love that! It's looks great! I especially like how the bones in the back show through the cloth and of course the pose. That last shot is my fav!

  5. You do a really great job with lighting your props outdoors! That green light and haziness looks amazing.


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