Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Eve's Blast from the Past!

I am busier than a hungry zombie trapped in a brain repository. After work I have to put some last minute touches on the haunt, get treat bags ready, and do the no snow/rain dance into the wee hours of the night. Hop you all are having a safe and enjoyable Halloween Eve!

Here are the top 5 most viewed, shared, and discussed posts from Something wicKED this way comes. ENJOY!

Here you will find the most used recipes served at every wicKED weeKEnD Halloween party!

This is the ultimate party guide for throwing one of the wickedest bashes of all. If you need help planning your first Halloween party, or you are an old pro looking for some new ideas....this is the guide for you!

Pictures, video, and media from last years haunt. Check it out to get an idea of what to expect from us this year.

If you have ever had a friend of family member ask you this questions...forward this article to them! Tell em wicKED says hi!

Number 1 by a LANDSLIDE. The absolute most viewed post on this blog is one created by my very own Haunted Honey...M!

M does all our zombie makeup for the yard haunt. This tutorial can be used on your face as well. 

I hope you enjoyed this walk down blog memory lane. May your Halloween be truly wicKED!


  1. Great post Wicked! You are quite the Halloween trooper. Hope you survived the elements and everyone is safe. Good luck with the haunt and hope the weather gods give you a break tomorrow.

  2. Good Luck on your Haunt tonight!!! Happy Halloween!!!!


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