Friday, October 5, 2012

Fiendish Friday with Freddy!

When I was younger, Nightmare on Elm Street scared the bajeebus out of me. Freddy Krueger (aka Robert Englund) was the source of many sleepless nights for me.

He is known world wide and shows up in so many marketable mediums that it is astounding! I think Freddy is one slasher freak that does not see enough post time on this blog. To remedy this, I present to you....


 You can only play once!

 Female Freddy!

 Freddy vs Jason

 The Freddy....umm....scare....stick... Yeah....that's a great product!

 Too bad this wasn't a Mercury....get it? 

 A light snack!

The death of Depp.....Freddy style!

 Some say Jason won....some say Freddy did... I call it a draw!

 Freddy Bobble Head

 Looks like Freddy Pez, but just a Fred Head on a stick.

 Renascence Freddy

Freddy Doll

That explains all the scratches on my butt.

 Fred Head

 Freddy Teddy


 Family Fred......Giggity!

 Pumpkin Carved Freddy

 Fred Head stone...

 Freddy Video Game!
Talking Freddy Dolly!

Freddy Window Cling

 Freddy Shotglasses

Freddy Balls.....

Game of Thrones Freddy.

Freddy escapes!

Fake (remake) Freddy and Real (original) Freddy.

Florida Freddy

Freddy Action Sculpt

Fresh Freddy

This scene was the seed of many nightmares for me.

Scissor vs Scissor

Freddy footwear

Freddy Fondant

Original Theme 

One...two...Freddy's coming for you

Nightmare....ON MY STREET! Sing it Will!

Are you Ready for Freddy? The Fat Boys were!

Last but not least....Freddy's Top 10 Kill Scenes!


  1. Wow, Ked! That's an extensive collection of all things Freddy! Nice post!

  2. Cool Post ...I still have mt 'talking" Freddy...and the "Squirt Ball...

  3. I think the "Freddy on a Stick" is clearly the most horrifying thing I've ever seen.

  4. Awsame I <3 fready Kruegerso adding it blog to my instigram fready krugerfan page


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