Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday's Sinister Shout-outs

Just taking the time to give a shout out to some great local people and groups that have made Something wicKED this way comes... a better place to haunt. In no particular order :

Books from Hale

 Accomplished writer, devious costumer, masterful make up artist, Halloween head, and photo shopper extraordinaire. Brandon Hale has been a firm supporter of this Blog and it's sister Facebook Page for a long while now. His generosity in interviews, giveaways, and promoting my content have been a Godsend. He also allowed me to enter the secret world of his inner sanctum where I can vent, create, and laugh with some of the most wicked minds around. If you are looking for a good read, check out all of his amazing books. You won't be sorry.

Stephen "Jake"  Phillips. Books from Hale supporter and all around hairy guy! 


Who wouldn't enjoy a Facebook Community page where their mission is "Chicken Dance". Here you will find extremely topical discussion but with a satirical and  completely unexpected viewpoint. These guys are always good for a chuckle plus they are doing a TON of Halloween related material. Absolutely some of the most ingenious minds at work writing some of the best material money can't buy!

 For a good time.... click *HERE*


 If you're near Wise County and have trouble with things that go bump in the night, help is just one click away. BMPS have been investigating ghostly happening all over the area, from historical greats like The Old Wise Inn and the June Tolliver House to personal residences. The team has made the papers on several occasions due to their professionalism, tact, and hard proof results they uncover.

 They have helped me out tremendously by allowing me to use their pictures and investigation data to update my own collection of real haunted places in Wise county as well as investigating some of the ones I have listed.

Mountain Empire Community College's Haunted Forest

 It just would not be Halloween without a visit to the Haunted Forest. This legendary haunt is going on it's 16th year and I am proud to have been allowed to participate in a very small way.  I am grateful to have been allowed access to their deeper secrets and return with photos, videos, and the occasional soiled pants. Allowing me to review their haunt and collect images from the actual haunt have been a boon for many of my blog posts. 

wicKED tour of The Haunted Forest

Backwoods Haunted House

 Another great haunt. This one way back in the middle of nowhere at on old barn. Every Halloween this family of freaks allows the public to enter their home. Sometimes they even let you leave! I too have been allowed to go deeper than most would want to and lived to tell the tale with exclusive photo and footage. For a totally unique and unforgettable Halloween experience, drop by and visit. They would love to have you for dinner.... literally! 

wicKED tour of Backwoods 

Tri Cities Paranormal

I recently discovered another Paranormal group that is situated right in my back yard. They encompass investigations in East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and Western North Carolina. I hope to hear much more from this group and I look forward to working with them in the future!

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